Dr. Eelco Ruijter

Molecular Diversity & Complexity

My research focuses on the development of new synthetic methodologies that allow the rapid generation of molecular complexity through multiple bond-forming processes. Inspired by Nature, we focus on exploiting hidden symmetry in readily accessible precursors to obtain stereochemically rich, highly functionalized heterocycles employing desymmetrization approaches. Simultaneously, we explore organo- and transition metal catalysis for the development of novel C-C and C-X bond formations. Newly developed reactions are put to the test by their application the synthesis of bioactive natural products (or close analogs) and complex pharmaceuticals.
On the other hand, my group also harbors general expertise in the chemistry of the building blocks of life, including amino acids, peptides, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, terpenoids, and lipids. Combined with our experience with fluorescent and photoreactive labels this allows us to construct tailored molecular probes to study fundamental questions in the life sciences at the molecular level in collaboration with various other researchers within AIMMS and elsewhere.