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Our recent work describing the suitability of multicomponent reactions for green synthesis has been highlighted in Green Chemistry’s journal blog as HOT article. The blog includes a narrow selection of the most exciting research topics that would catch the eye of the general chemical audience. In the context of sustainability in the synthesis of chemicals, multicomponent reactions may provide a simple solution to complex environmental problems of the future.

Multicomponent reactions: advanced tools for sustainable organic synthesisHOT_RCC

HOT_RCC2Sustainable or green chemistry has established firm ground providing essential design criteria for the development of efficient chemical syntheses of complex, high added value molecules.  On the other hand, multicomponent reactions have only recently been recognized as major expansion of the synthetic chemist’s toolbox. There is still little awareness, however, of the practical value of these type of reactions for meeting many of the criteria set by the green chemistry philosophy to guide organic chemists and process chemists in the design, synthesis and further development of truly sustainable manufacturing processes of medicines, food additives, catalysts or advanced materials. In this perspective we highlight the utility of multicomponent reactions as methods for green synthesis.

Cioc, R.C.; Ruijter, E.; Orru, R.V.A. “Multicomponent Reactions: Advanced Tools for Sustainable Organic Synthesis” Green Chem. 2014, 16, 2958-2975.