Our work made it onto the cover of Chemistry: A European Journal! In this paper, we describe the fusion of a naphthalene diimide dye (a family of well-known versatile light absorbing compounds) to a zinc–bis-salicylimide phenylene moiety (“salphen”, employed in catalysis and supramolecular chemistry) creates an expanded red-light absorbing chromophore with an embedded metal atom for interaction with substituted pyridines. A column-chromatography-free preparation of this novel scaffold is described and its photophysical properties are analyzed.

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Rombouts, J.A.; Ravensbergen, J.; Frese, R.N.; Kennis, J.T.M.; Ehlers, A.W.; Slootweg, J.C.; Ruijter, E.; Lammertsma, K.; Orru, R.V.A. “Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of a Chromophoric NDI/Zinc Salphen Scaffold for Artificial Photosynthetic Constructs” Chem. Eur. J. 2014, 20, 10285-10291.