Foto TjostilThe 2014 Dick Stufkens Prize is awarded to Tjøstil Vlaar for his thesis “Isocyanides’ Latest Trick: Palladium-Catalyzed Imidoylative Cross-Coupling Reactions”. Tjøstil, who received his PhD cum laude earlier this year in our group, developed new reactions for the preparation of heterocyclic molecules that could form the basis for new drugs. He will receive his prize on 20 November at the festive 20th annual symposium of the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry, in the presence of Prof. W. E. Moerner, this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

To read more about his research, click on the following link.

Tjøstil is the second PhD student in our group who is awarded the Dick Stufkens Prize. In 2010, former PhD student Niels Elders was also awarded the Dick Stufkens Prize. In total 3 PhD students in our group have now been awarded for their theses. Former PhD student Robin Bon was awarded the Prof. Dr. H.J. Backer Prize in 2007.