The second prize of the poster competition at the HRSMC Summer School 2017 went to our master student Barry Oppelaar! Barry impressed the jury during the presentation of his poster entitled “Synthesis of Polycyclic Spiroindolines by Highly Diastereoselective Interrupted Ugi Cascade Reactions of 3-(2-Isocyanoethyl)indoles“. Under the supervision of Jordy Saya he worked on a highly diastereoselective interrupted Ugi reaction to construct a broad range of structurally congested and stereochemically complex spiroindolines from tryptamine-derivedisocyanides. The reaction is facilitated by using fluorinated alcohols (TFE or HFIP) as solvents and tolerates a broad range of amines, aldehydes and 2-isocyanoethylindoles to give polycyclic products in moderate to excellent yields. This eventually led to a publication in Chemical Communications.