[one_third last=”no”] [person name=”Daniël Preschel” picture=”https://syborch.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/20180416_151456-e1523945314470.jpg” pic_link=”” title=”Research Technician” email=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”https://nl.linkedin.com/in/daniel-preschel-1a05b1132″ dribbble=”” linktarget=”_blank”][/person]
 Dec 2017 – present
Room:  O|2-4W33
Lab:  O|2-4W35
Phone:  +31 (0)20 59 87…
E-mail:  h.d.preschel@vu.nl
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As the groups’ research technician, Daniël is responsible for a variety of things in and around the lab such as safety, purchase and maintenance of equipment, purchase of consumables and supervision of undergraduate students. In addition he works on several research projects either to aid PhD students in their final stages or to synthesize tailored molecular probes for collaborative projects with various life science researchers.

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In chemical biology, the near-infrared (NIR) aza-BOdipy class of fluorescent dyes 1 are anticipated to have high potential for living cell imaging [1]. The synthesis of these fluorophores involves a microwave assisted formal  [1+4] cycloaddition between azadienes  and  an  isocynanide. Since the aza-BOdipy’s might be used as molecular probes, a diverse library of different analogues is examined on  their  photo-luminescent   properties  as  well.

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Fused saturated heterocycles:

In the context of the JECL (Joint European Compound Library), we are also working on the synthesis of globular-shaped saturated heterocycles 2, whose basic scaffold resembles some polycyclic alkaloid-type natural compounds  with interesting biological activities [2]. The key step towards these targets is a highly modular one-pot multicomponent process. The products  might then be subjected to further modifications, or are eventually screened for biological activity.



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[2] Dyke, S. F., Quessy, S. N., In the Alkaloids, Vol, 18. Edited by R. G. A. Rodrigo. Academic Press, Inc., New York, 1981, 1-98.